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Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics can be said to be a science and practice that integrates science with numerous management and analytical sciences that defines manage and communicates information, data wisdom and knowledge in nursing. The role of empowering for all healthcare practitioners with the aim of achieving patient-centered care one of the applications of nursing informatics. The principal areas work of Nursing Informatics includes definition of health care policy so as to advance the public health, presentation and retrieval approaches of information so as to support patient-centered care. Also, communication and data standards are that aid in building and interoperable national data infrastructure. It also provides research methodologies that aid in the dissemination of new knowledge into practice. It also offers management and vision for the design, development and implementation of information technology and education. It also helps develop standards and concept representation so as to support research, evidence-based practice and education (Gerdin, Tallberg, and Wainwright, 1997).
             One of the long-standing expectations has been potential for nursing informatics to improve nursing practice, examine clinical problem solving and ultimately to enhance the quality of health care. It has been established that, unlike the other diverse information intensive industries, health care has been sluggish in adopting information technology. Promotion of the use of information technology as a culture is yet to be developed by nurses, as it has been shown by U.S National Advisory Council, as a tool for information management and exchange. I feel that in Nursing, Health Information Technology (HIT) should be further explored. This is because it makes it easier and possible for health care providers to improve and manage patient care in the best way through sharing and secure use of health information.

Thus in line with this, research has been proposed to be carried out through the application of nursing informatics so as to determine the level at which Health Information Technology has developed and to what length it has been implemented (McWay, 2013). The research is to be carried out in different health care facilities all over the state. Some of the research questions proposed include: Has your health care facility adopted the use of electronic health records (EHRs) to maintain patient’s health information or is it still using paper medical records? If so, which are some of the measures that your health care facility is undertaking so as to ensure the security and privacy of electronic health information? What at some of the benefits and challenges encountered when health care Information Technology is adopted? (Gerdin, Tallberg, and Wainwright, 1997).
             As the manager of the health care facility that has implemented HIT, what advice can you accord those that are yet to adopt the HIT? (Gerdin, Tallberg, and Wainwright, 1997) We know that medical information is vital especially mostly due to confidentiality of the patients. Which are some of the methods that the health care facility has adopted in standardizing ways and means of transferring the medically essential information between relevant medical staffs as a means of investing in safety culture? What are some of the advantages and limitations of adopting HIT in your health facility (Gerdin, Tallberg, and Wainwright, 1997).
             Some of the advantages of conducting nursing research include promotion of evidence-based nursing practice, ensuring credibility in the nursing profession and documenting the cost-effectiveness of the nursing care. The importance of adopting a culture of nursing that promotes acceptance and utilization of information technology have been established as a vital parallel initiative to the establishment of nursing informatics competencies and educational strategies.


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