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Domestic Violence the Challenge for Nursing


           The Nursing article is by Claire Burke Draucker, RN, PhD, Cs. She is a professor and director of the graduate program in psychiatric mental health nursing in the College of Nursing at Kent State University. She is an expert in the topic she has written about because she has conducted many studies with victims who have been abused in some way, and has also written a book on “Counseling Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.” There is a summary in the article pertaining to the author’s position and practice and I mentioned above her position and practice. .
             The journal article is about Domestic Violence. It concentrates on the three major types of domestic violence but I will summarize domestic violence in women. Domestic violence has been around for years. It has occurred in societies in which women are considered to be subordinate to men. The oppressor has the belief that one individual has the right to control another individual and act in ways to ensure that he is in charge. According to the Nursing article domestic violence has been defined as, “physical, sexual or emotional/psychological violence directed toward men, women, children or elders occurring in current or past familial or intimate relations whether the individuals are cohabiting or not and including violence directed toward dating partners.”.

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         Many health providers have played a major impact on trying to avoid or prevent domestic violence from occurring. One of the aspects that the articles begins to talk about is Spouse/partner abuse. Women are the leading victims of domestic violence. It is a very serious case in the United States besides child abuse and elder abuse. Most of the domestic violence victims are due to spousal abuse and have been physically abused by someone they know, a former boyfriend or husband. The oppressor can physically assault or batter the victim.