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Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse


Nursing home neglect and abuse is a worldwide, growing problem. Elders enter nursing homes when they need extra attention, or medical assistance. Whatever the reasoning is for entering these facilities, the job of the staff is always the same. When they are on the clock, they are supposed to make sure that the patients are one hundred percent comfortable, physically, mentally, and medically. That entails feeding patients on time, giving them the right medicine at the right time, making sure they are clean, and simply making their stay as comfortable and painless as possible. Working in a nursing home isn’t a job to be taken lightly, and to accept this job position requires taking on big responsibilities. .
             To many times people in these homes are treated poorly. Whether it is negligence, or abuse, often patients are treated in ways that are unfair, cruel, and on top of everything, illegal. Anyone old enough to sign working papers and get a job should have a sense of responsibility; however working in any atmosphere where other people’s lives are in your hands is a bit different and much more important. .
             The main problem is too often the nurses in these places aren’t held personally liable. Instead, the nursing home as a whole is. The problem with this is that without severe consequences, these nurses do not take their jobs serious enough. Sometime the nurse messes up something simple that can be fixed. However, there also is the unfortunate but not so rare chance that because of one single person’s actions, the patient has to suffer permanent injuries, or even worse, the loss of their life. Not only does the patient have to suffer, but the family of the patient as well, all because of someone not following what they were hired to do.
             Again, if nurses were held personally liable for their actions while working, they would either act more carefully, or not take the job period. This job isn’t for everyone, and money is the last thing that should be on the mind of the employees. It is a job based solely on the well-being of the patients. Nursing home negligence is one hundred percent avoidable. If people took the job more seriously, and had to suffer bigger consequences for abuse or negligent acts, there would be far less sickness, injury, and deaths that took place in nursing homes. That is why again, people who abuse, or neglect patients in nursing homes, should be held personally liable for their actions.

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Elderly people enter nursing homes when they need extra care. Although no one wishes to enter a nursing home, or send their loved ones to nursing homes, it is the unfortunate truth that more and more elders are entering these facilities every year. Although you would expect extra attention being inside a facility known as a “medical assistance” organization, too often, that is not the case. Nursing home negligence and abuse is very common, and very serious. People who enter these facilities, require extra care and attention for there every day living, and too frequently are neglected, or abused by the people who work there. This often leads to serious consequences such as depression, injuries, illnesses and unfortunately sometimes even death. When this disgusting act happens, many times the individuals in charge of committing the crime are not personally liable when they should be. Instead, the nursing home as a whole is charged of abuse or neglect. People who commit nursing home negligence and/abuse should be personally liable because if they were, the workers in these facilities would take their jobs a lot more seriously, and the disgusting acts would happen a lot less frequent.
             To illustrate, according to N.J.S.A 30:13-3, “Every nursing home shall have the responsibility for, ” (b) providing the spiritual needs and wants of residents by notifying, at a residents request (c) admitting only the number of residents for which it reasonably believes it can it can safely and adequately provide nursing care (d)ensuring that an applicant for admission or a resident is treated without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, or national orientation