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Coursework Qn 23

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Simulation Experiences


the purpose of this discussion is for you to explore the expanding role of simulation—whether low-fidelity, high-fidelity, or virtual—in nursing within both the academic and healthcare environments.

simulation in healthcare
view the following activity to address the discussion scenario.

we are confronting a new generation of nursing students and experienced nurses raised in the digital age. they expect technology integration into the academic setting and the healthcare setting. after providing the foundational knowledge for a specific patient condition, the nurse educator can utilize simulation to emulate the clinical experience and a safe environment without harm. the nurse educator guides the learning experience by identifying roles, clarifying expectations, and adapting the simulation experience based upon student response. this adaptive learning component from high fidelity and virtual-reality simulations individualizes the learning experience in a non-risk, non-threatening environment. other technologies, such as

low fidelity simulators, gaming and mobile devices can also engage tech savvy nursing students and nurses. as the dnp-prepared nurse, you have the flexibility to create case scenarios to strengthen learning outcomes in an educational environment with limited and inconsistent healthcare clinical opportunities or in the health care setting to reinforce skill sets. with simulation, you can evaluate clinical competencies before any interaction with an actual patient, ensuring a safer, higher-quality level of care.

Additional Requirements:

Focus: instructions
reflect on the value of simulation to engage and to promote skill acquisition in your work environment whether in academia or the healthcare setting. address the following in your initial post:

evaluate the benefits of the integration of simulation in nursing education or clinical practice to improve nursing skill sets.
analyze your work environment for knowledge gaps where the use of simulation would be a viable option to improve competencies. justify the type of simulation selected, elaborating on your vision of implementation and evaluation plans for the simulation experience.