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Essay Qn 9

Order title:

Define and compare natural and quasi experiments. Assess why they are important in research.


do not include embedded links in your writing assignments.

restatement of the question and question number (exactly as stated in the study guide).

writing assignment evaluation
not accepted poor marginal good very good
1. student used standard essay format: introduction/body/conclusion. the structure is a multi-paragraph essay, clearly developed with effective transitions and solid topic sentences.
2. student demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the ideas in the assigned reading and critically evaluates/responds to those ideas in an analytical persuasive manner (i.e. graduate level).
3. student was able to respond clearly and directly to the assignment in an academic manner with good development. the essay indicates a good understanding of the course content and supports its points with textual references.
4. student demonstrated the use of critical thinking while making novel connections to outside materials and experiences. analysis is fresh, posing new ways to think of the material.
5. student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc. writing consistently adheres to a.p.a formatting.

Additional Requirements:

Focus: instructions and feed back from the previous essay.

future requirements: correcting errors in syntax, grammar, spelling, and word choice may improve your score. i copied a problematic statement from your essay and corrected it, as an example below:
in nursing research, random assignments are [is a] procedures used during the [selection process] experience or clinical studies to come up with various study groups that include [to ensure] participants who [in each experimental group] share similar characteristics to ensure the groups are equal in the beginning of the study (feizi & ramezanian, 2022).
in nursing research, random assignment is a procedure used during the selection process to ensure participants in each experimental and control group share similar characteristics. this procedure helps eliminate possible sources of bias and makes it easier to generalize the results of a sample population to a larger population (feizi and ramezanian, 2022).