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Postpartum Careplan


well developed two-problem statement care plan). remember to make your goals smart (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time specific).
i have included the careplan template, the grading rubric, the specific client data needed, and a past semester care plan that i wrote for example of how it needs to be organized (i.e. interventions and rationale’s numbered for easy review). i have also included the two problem statements i thought would be applicable to this client, but feel free to change/alter to do what you think is best for this client.

problem statement: fluid volume deficit related to excessive blood loss secondary to surgical birth as manifested by hemoglobin of 8.7 g/dl. goal: client will have hemoglobin level between 12-16 g/dl by discharge.
problem statement: acute pain related to surgical tissue trauma secondary to surgery as manifested by subjective pain rating og 5/10. goal: client will have pain level of 1-2/10 by discharge.

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