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Coursework Qn 20

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Evaluating Leadership Competencies for the Advanced Practice Nurse


the dnp-prepared apn works to affect change in practice to provide safe and high-quality patient care. the purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the leadership competencies of the apn.

review the lesson and readings from this week and the following article:

heinen, m., van oostveen, c. peters, j., vermeulen, h., & huis, a. (2019). an integrative review of leadership competencies and attributes in advanced nursing practice.links to an external site. journal of advanced nursing, 75, 2[removed]. https://doi.org/10.1111/jan.[removed] (see table 2)

then, respond to the following:

identify and evaluate three competencies that are a strength for you in your current practice.
identify and examine three competencies that you are interested in further developing as you prepare for your role as a dnp-prepared nurse.

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